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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device by a web browser (e.g Internet Explorer) that hold information about your previous visits to our site. On returning to our site this stored information is fed back to us allowing us to offer you a more personal browsing experience. By using our site you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. For more information on cookies, visit the official ICO website at, or

What do cookies do?

Cookies perform many different tasks within our website; however their key role is to remember your preferences so we can give you an improved service. If you’ve ever placed items in your basket, had to leave our site and returned later to find the items still in your basket, this is an example of one of our cookies in action. Cookies also ensure that any adverts you see online will be more relevant to your interests.

How do cookies help when you visit our site?

Cookies allow us to treat you as an individual; using knowledge gained from your previous visits and preferences we can tailor our site so that it is more personal to you, allows you greater interactivity and is easier to use.

Why are we telling you this?

Recent legislation means EU law now requires website operators to ask for permission before using certain kinds of cookies. To ensure you are completely aware of the types of cookies we use and to enable us to continue to bring you the best possible shopping experience, we are giving you a detailed outline of the cookies we use and their unique role in your shopping experience.

Types of cookies

Strictly necessary cookies – These cookies enable you to navigate our site and gain full access to its features and secure areas. Without these cookies essential services you have asked for like ‘Your Basket’ cannot be provided.

Performance cookies – These cookies remember information about how you and other customers use our website. This gives us vital information such as which pages are visited most often and if customers are receiving error messages from certain pages. The role of these cookies is to allow us to analyse and improve the performance of our website ensuring you receive a consistent look, feel and shopping experience. Performance cookies (often known as web analytic cookies) don’t collect any information that identifies the customer and all information collected is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

Functionality cookies – These cookies remember choices you made on previous visits to our site such as your username, language or region so we can provide enhanced, more personal features. They can also be used to remember changes you’ve made to text size, fonts and other parts of web pages you can customise. Functionality cookies can also be used to provide services you have previously asked for such as watching videos or commenting on a blog. The information collected by these cookies may be anonymised and they cannot track your browsing activity on other sites.

Targeting or advertising cookies – These cookies are used to deliver adverts more relevant to your personal interests. Alongside this they limit the amount of times you see an advert and measure the effectiveness of adverts. This means you won’t keep seeing irrelevant adverts or the same adverts over and over. These cookies are usually placed by advertising networks with the website operator’s permission. They remember that you have visited a website and the information is shared with other organisations such as advertisers. Quite often targeting or advertising cookies will be linked to site functionality provided by the other organisations that generate the advert. In line with Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines, all our adverts carry the clearly displayed AdChoices icon. Clicking the AdChoices icon will give you access to information about privacy and behavioural advertising and allow you to quickly opt out of receiving further adverts. For more information visit or to learn more about the IAB’s Online Behavioural Advertising Framework click here.

Managing Cookies

Can I disable cookies from you website?

It is possible to stop your browser accepting cookies from particular websites. However, disabling cookies from our site will mean you lose a lot of functionality, which will have a detrimental impact on your shopping experience and mean that you only have limited access to personalised areas of the site. Without access to the information on these cookies it is difficult for us to analyse the performance of our site. This is essential for us to continually improve our service.

Cookies are an essential part of how our site works and you will need to have cookies enabled to place an order. If you don’t wish to enable cookies, you’ll only be able to browse the site.

How to check cookies are enabled for PC

Internet Explorer

Click ‘Tools’ in the menu bar at the top of your browser and select ‘Internet Options’
Click the ‘Privacy’ tab and set the slider to medium to allow cookies

Google Chrome

Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu bar at the top of your browser and select ‘Options’
Click the ‘Under the Hood’ tab, in the ‘Privacy’ section select the ‘Content settings’ button
Now select ‘Allow local data to be set’

Mozilla Firefox

Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu bar at the top of your browser and select ‘Options’
Select the ‘Privacy’ Icon and click ‘Cookies’
Select ‘Allow sites to set cookies’


Click on the Cog icon at the top of your browser and select ‘Preferences’
Click on ‘Security’; check the ‘Block third-party and advertising cookies’ box, click ‘Save’

How to check cookies are enabled for Macs


Click ‘Safari’ at the top of your browser and select ‘Preferences’
Select ‘Security’ and ‘Accept Cookies’
Select ‘Only from site you navigate to’

Mozilla Firefox

Click ‘Firefox’ button at top of browser and select ‘Privacy’ panel
Select ‘Firefox will’ and select ‘Use custom settings for history’
Check ‘Accept cookies from sites and ‘Accept third-party cookies’
Select Keep until ‘they expire’ and click ‘OK’

Internet Explorer

Click ‘Explorer’ at the top of your browser and select ‘Preferences’
Scroll down to ‘Cookies’ and select ‘Never Ask’


Select ‘Menu’ from top of browser and click ‘Settings’
Select ‘Quick Preferences’ and click ‘Enable Cookies’

Cookies we use

Strictly necessary Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
BC, cmRS These cookies retain the products you have not purchased in
the basket so that if you come back they are still there for a
quick purchase if required.
mobile_session, SERVERID These cookies enable us to respond to your actions on the
mobile site for example “add to basket”
JSESSIONID These cookies enable us to respond to your actions on our
website site for example “add to basket”.

Performance Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
Speedtrap These cookies capture visitor data which is used to enable
us to target offers to customers.
Coremetrics Coremetrics is a website analytics provider and the cookie
gathers data on how customers behave on our website. It tells
us how many people are coming and going or what they are
looking at and buying.

Functionality Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
DYN_USER_CONFIRM, DYN_USER_ID, DYN_REG, LS These cookies help to recognise you allowing us to display
a welcome message and means we treat you as a registered
customer and not a new customer. It also provides security when
you’re using the website whether you’re logged in
or not.
Optimost – mdr_browser, op648basketpagegum, opAddedProduct,
op648basketpagegum, op648basketpageliid, mdr_browser
These cookies allow us to show different versions of the
site for testing purposes. We can then show different versions
of pages to different customers to access which is the best
layout, so that we can constantly keep improving the website
for our customers.
FRD_USER_TOKEN This cookie allows us to keep track of the different
account logins from the same machine, atgRecVisitorId, atgRecSessionid, tmdts,
These cookies help us to provide recommendations of
products we think you may be interested in
JSESSIONID_eptica These cookies are used to make our “Help” service

Advertising Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
Campid This helps us to identify which online marketing channel
you came from and which is the most effective. They also allow
us to reward external sites for directing you to us.
Qubit Qubit cookies collect non-personal information, for
example to learn about the behaviour of visitors to our website
and how they respond to our marketing communications. The more
we learn, the better we are able to provide relevant and
interesting content.We also advertise on third party websites, Qubit cookies
allows us to see which advertisement you interacted with.
Examples of these are advertisers including;

Affiliate Window

Qubit provide a Global opt out function which you can use
to switch off all Qubit cookies

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