Casio CTK-240 Full Size 49-Key Keyboard Musical Instrument


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The CTK-240 Full Size 49 Key Keyboard is the ideal starter instrument for any beginner. The CTK-240 comes with 49 standard keys (4 octaves) and is perfect for combining fun with serious learning. 100 timbres, 100 rhythms and 50 songs all lend themselves to instructive music lessons. Slimline, slender and black this full size keyboard is the ideal musical instrument for any beginner looking to hone their musical skills. Useful info: 49 full size keys 100 built-in tones 100 built-in rhythms LCD screen 50 music library demonstration songs Lesson function Auto-accompaniment Dimensions: 237 x 914 x 75 mm Weight: 2.8 kg Battery or mains powered (adaptor included) CASIO helpline: 0208 208 0881.