Casio LK-120 Full Size 61 Key Light Effect Keyboard Musical Instrument


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The Casio LK-120 Keyboard’s illuminated key learning system makes easy work of developing your musical abilities. Follow the keyboard lights to master a whole range of songs while playing at your own pace. Once youÕve perfected that, the On-screen Timing Indicator teaches you the correct timing as your playing develops easily and naturally. If the keyboard detects that your play is lagging or stopped, or that you are playing the wrong notes, a simulated human voice calls out a number telling you what finger you should use to play the next note. Whether through motivated self-taught practicing or as a tool to support music lessons, this user-friendly musical instrument has a 100-song library and is the perfect way to hone your skills. Useful info: 61 illuminated keys 3 step lesson system Light up and voice fingering guide 12 note polyphony 100 music library demonstration songs 50 built-in rhythms LCD screen with timing indicator Left or right hand practice Auto-accompaniment Dimensions: 304 x 949 x 93 mm Weight: 3.4 kg Mains powered (adaptor included) Casio LK-120 Full Size 61 Key Light Effect Keyboard CASIO helpline: 0208 208 0881.