Disney Frozen Go Glow Night Beam Tilt Torch


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Sprinkle your child’s bedtime with a touch of magic thanks to this wonderful Frozen Go Glow Night Beam Tilt Torch. Your little princess can simple wave the torch like a wand to make the light magically appear before getting all tucked up to listen to a magical bedtime story. After lights out this Frozen torch can be faced down to turn into an enchanting lamp with a peaceful glow that gently fades and provides a soothing way for your little princess to nod off to the land of dreams. The glow-in-the-dark trim is comforting if they wake during the night too with a gorgeous decoration of Anna Elsa and their snowman friend Olaf across the side to add to the Frozen fun. Useful info: Wave the torchto turn on Can be set faced down to transform into a soothing lamp After 2 minutes the night glow will gently fade Glow-in-the-dark trim Endorsed by NHS sleep specialist Mandy Gurney Frozen Go Glow Night Beam Tilt Torch