Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf


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Register a Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 3DS system and a new game by January 13th 2014 to claim a FREE download of Super Mario 3D Land. For the full range of titles and to register please visit Animal Crossing: New Leaf is perfect for exploring your own imagination as you use to develop a virtual world full of strange and friendly characters. Packed with new animals, new experiences and new ways to have fun. It’s a new life… live it how you please! You can go fishing, pick fruit, dig for fossils, make friends with some of your eccentric neighbours, design your own clothes, go nightclubbing, head out to Kapp’n’s Island or get to work developing the town Ð there’s always plenty going on. You can also enjoy Animal Crossing: New Leaf with your friends, family and people you’ve never met! You can use the SpotPass function of your Nintendo 3DS console (available separately) to pull in features from the world’s created by other players. Age from 3 years. WARNING: Use of the 3D feature by children aged 6 and under may cause vision damage. It is recommended that: Only children over 6 should use the system in 3D mode. If children aged 6 and under have access to the system, parents or legal guardians should restrict 3D images using the Parental Controls feature. Age from 3 years.