York 6ft (1.82m) Standard 1 inch Spinlock Barbell Bar with Collars


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This York Fitness 6ft Standard 1 Inch Spinlock Bar can be loaded up with weights (sold separately) so you can workout at home. With a weight capacity of 125 kg itÕs ideal for strengthening your shoulder and arms, along with your abdominal and leg muscles. The solid steel construction means itÕs study too, so you can focus on your reps. The textured bar gives you a secure grip and also shows you the correct hand positioning to prevent injury, while the spinlock edges and collars allow for a quick plate change and also keeps them secure during your training. Cast iron black weights are also available (see item number 3K7JA). Useful info: Textured bar 6 ft long Solid 1 inch steel construction Heavy duty threaded bar ends Chrome plated Includes 2 spinlock collars Maximum loading: 125 kg York Fitness 6ft Standard 1 Inch Spinlock Bar